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Have you taken part in the 2015 C4D Network Challenge?

Since we launched the challenge back in June in Kenya we've had Network Challenge meet-ups from Bolivia to Cambodia, and C4D in action examples sent to us from members across the global C4D Network. 

If you haven't taken part in the challenge there are two simple ways you can get involved:

  • Go along to or support one of our global meet-ups  – we are aiming for 30 meet-ups and have made good progress with over 20 already held or being planned (more details here)
  • Share your example of C4D in action and help us get to our target of 1,000 case studies which will be shared online.

 Click here to find out more about how you get involved.

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Rosa M Salazar is now a member of UK C4D Network
Jenny is now a member of Emerging Talent

Welcome to the C4D Network, a community of professionals working in communication and media for development.

C4D Jobs

Click below to find this week’s round up of some of the latest communication for development positions being advertised. 

C4D Network jobs/consultancy round up 23 - 29 September 2015

Keep up to date with the latest postings on our jobs noticeboard.


2015 C4D Network Challenge - July update

Our C4D Network challenge continues with more global meet-ups held and more case studies deposited! Click here to find out how you can meet the challenge!

The first C4D Network meet-up in Cameroon, July 2015.

The first C4D Network meet-up in Bolivia, July 2015.

Case study being deposited at the Thailand meet-up, July 2015.

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2015 Members’ Takeover

 The Network Members’ Takeover has started –with a The Network Planning Day  resulting in a New Model for Network Working. This new model includes a Members’ Executive Committee (MEC), new Members’ Working Groups, and a new Advisory Board Structure and revitalised and rehomed Secretariat.