C4D Mapping in Australia - Online Survey

As part of the C4D Network Challenge 2016 we are gathering members reflections about C4D in your country. We are doing this in discussion at meet-ups, and also through an online survey. Please find here the online survey for your country. Please do share your thoughts here.


Please complete this brief 'mapping' of communication for development (C4D) in your country - we are doing this across the Network to gather members' thoughts and observations about the state of communications for development as a growing area in international development and human rights around the world.

We would value your thoughts about how C4D principles, and approaches of behavour and social change, social mobilisation, advocacy and media development are being used where you are. 

We want this mapping to reflect your in-country insights; rather than opinion about other countries where you may have been working - but of course sometimes this is useful.

Whether you are in the North or the South there are C4D things happening - we just have to investigate a bit harder in some cases. 

Please make it clear in your responses whether you are giving reflection on C4D domestically within your country; or whether you are giving a reflection from the 'outside' as it were. 

All these insights go into  country meet-ups which are meant to be fun and interesting venues for discussion about these questions. All this will also feed into a new 'Yearbook' for next year that will have summaries of what people have said about C4D in each country, and this will also feed into a global synthesis report. 

So please share your thoughts, there is no wrong and right and all thought are welcome.

Thank you.

Best Jackie & Secretariat Team (admin@c4d.org


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Participating in the 'Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development' conference, 13 - 14 June 2017

The 'Partnering for Impact on Sustainable Development' conference is taking place at the University of Sydney from 13 - 14 June 2017. The conference is calling for Expressions of Interest for Presentations (closing on Monday 30 January 2017) - this includes individual or co-presented papers, panel discussions, roundtable discussions and workshops. It would be fantastic to see a focus on Communication for Development at this conference - are any C4D Network members planning to submit an expression of interest? There's more info here: http://www.rdiconference2017.org.au/submissions.php http://www.rdiconference2017.org.au/downloads/expressions_of_interest.pdf Cheers, Jacinta

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Event: Digital Transformations and Transitions Lab Symposium Exploring the digital dimensions of social change

Tues 17 May 2016, 2:00 - 5.00pm RMIT Storey Hall Building 16, Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, Swanston Street, Melbourne    RSVP to jessica.noske-turner@rmit.edu.au The spread of new technologies has had a significant influence on our approaches to making and understanding change. Digital technologies have directly contributed to the formation of new sub-fields such as ICTD and Mobiles4Development (M4D) where digital tools are the focus of communication, as well as indirectly, where there integration of the digital in communicative ecologies informs our work and scholarship. It has also shaped how fields such as communication for development and social change field (C4D/CfSC) understand how people make change using communication. The primary aim of this symposium is to provide an opportunity for sharing work and enable a cross-fertilisation of ideas. Bringing together work on social change from two key perspectives, CFDSC and ICTD, the symposium will discuss the use and potential of ethnographic…

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New Report on C4D work in Australian NGOs and academia

In June 2015 a group of academic researchers from Australian universities and practitioners from Australian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) came together to discuss the use of communication for development (C4D) in their present and future work. The seminar was organised by Valentina Baú (University on New South Wales) and Tait Brimacombe (La Trobe University) as a pre-conference to the ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) University Network Conference, held in Melbourne on 4th-5th June. The aim was to provide a platform for international development actors involved or interested in communication for development to share experiences, lessons learned and recommendations that could contribute to an improved practice. With the additional aim of strengthening the value of the practice, the event wanted to facilitate connections between practitioners and researchers on C4D-related research projects. The report available at the link below details the proceedings of…

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QLD C4D NETWORK EVENT with Dr Scott Downman: 'Voices of the faceless'

QLD C4D NETWORK EVENT Voices of the faceless: Personalising stories of tragedy and injustice with Dr Scott Downman When: Tuesday 30 June; 6.00pm – 8.00pm Where: Lucky Duck Café and Bar; 15 Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill RSVP: brisbane.c4dnetwork@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/C4DNetworkOceania Communication often involves telling the stories of people who have been traumatised, or have experienced suffering and exploitation. However, often expressing the stories of these people is ethically challenging. Identification has the potential to re-traumatise and further exploit the person. In an industry where visuals are increasingly important, this poses a tremendous dilemma for ethically-minded communication professionals. This presentation investigates the coverage of refugees, asylum seekers, the victims of human trafficking, and other vulnerable people and explores how their voices are covered within the media. It will be argued that traditional methods of communication that have relied…

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