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Tues 17 May 2016, 2:00 - 5.00pm

RMIT Storey Hall
Building 16, Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, Swanston Street, Melbourne 

The spread of new technologies has had a significant influence on our approaches to making and understanding change. Digital technologies have directly contributed to the formation of new sub-fields such as ICTD and Mobiles4Development (M4D) where digital tools are the focus of communication, as well as indirectly, where there integration of the digital in communicative ecologies informs our work and scholarship. It has also shaped how fields such as communication for development and social change field (C4D/CfSC) understand how people make change using communication.

The primary aim of this symposium is to provide an opportunity for sharing work and enable a cross-fertilisation of ideas. Bringing together work on social change from two key perspectives, CFDSC and ICTD, the symposium will discuss the use and potential of ethnographic approaches for uncovering the depth and complexity. Speakers will give 'short-talks' on their current research, followed by discussions on shared themes.


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Speakers and Topics

Professor Heather A. Horst: Mobile Branding and the Curation of Consumer-Citizens in Fiji
Dr Jessica Noske-Turner: Digital innovation and/for development: an emerging research agenda
Tait Brimacombe: Digital Feminism in Fiji
Sheba Mohammid: Reimagined Pedagogies and Digital Media in Trinidad and Tobago
Jennifer Anayo: Digital Nation Making and Niue; communicating a ‘heart’ for ‘home’
Marion Muliaumaseali’i: Mobile Phones in Rural Samoa
Professor Jo Tacchi & Dr Amalia Sabiescu: Communicative ecologies and the search for context in large-scale multi-country projects
Dr Linje Manyozo: What is the “change” in social change?

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