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In June 2015 a group of academic researchers from Australian universities and practitioners from Australian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) came together to discuss the use of communication for development (C4D) in their present and future work. The seminar was organised by Valentina Baú (University on New South Wales) and Tait Brimacombe (La Trobe University) as a pre-conference to the ACFID (Australian Council for International Development) University Network Conference, held in Melbourne on 4th-5th June. The aim was to provide a platform for international development actors involved or interested in communication for development to share experiences, lessons learned and recommendations that could contribute to an improved practice. With the additional aim of strengthening the value of the practice, the event wanted to facilitate connections between practitioners and researchers on C4D-related research projects.

The report available at the link below details the proceedings of this event, including participants presentations, projects and topics discussed. A list of Australia-based international development practitioners and researchers is also provided.


I hope you find it interesting.


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