About the C4D Service Provider Map

In order to improve our practice as C4D professionals the C4D Network believe we need better systems to ensure that C4D projects are being delivered by skilled and experienced people.

The motivation for the Service Provider Map is to increase the ability of C4D professionals to advertise their services, and for C4D organisations and others to find the people that they need to put into action C4D strategies and training.

It is a principle of the Network that local C4D talent in particular should be supported and highlighted.

Service Providers are any individual members and associate organisations who are offering professional services to other Members and clients in the communication for development sector. These services may be consultancy services in strategy, evaluation, research and more; or may be training services or support services.

Whatever knowledge, experiences, and services you have to offer, the Network would like to assist in ensuring that ‘supply and demand’ in C4D is better matched. The Service Provider map is free for any member to fill in, but only C4D Network Plus Members can see it. 

The service provider map will link to network profiles and present knowledge, experiences, and services. The map also offers a link to Linked In profiles, where further information, can be listed as well as the the option to upload a CV.

The free member public view shows all the details of the Network Service Providers, except name and contact details.

How to get involved

Please choose the appropriate option below and follow the links given. Before completing the forms it might be helpful to have a look at our Service Provider FAQs. 

Feature as an individual member

Complete the form using the link below and please note that individual members must enter their personal details, even if working for a network associate organisation http://bit.ly/2dPuW2f 

Feature on the Map as a associate organisation service provider: 

Complete the form using the link below  http://bit.ly/2eiAplu

Only already joined Associates in the Network can feature on the Map. To apply to join the Network as an Associate please go to the Join page