We are passionate about social justice and locally-led change. We use participatory video to enable people to see and hear one another in new ways. We work with marginalized people who understand their local issues better than anyone and hold the keys to appropriate and innovative solutions.

InsightShare are breaking down barriers between stakeholders to address critical problems in new ways, replacing the old ways of top down initiatives imposed on people. Unlike many development interventions and well meaning charitable acts we amplify collective intelligence and build consensus to support locally-led change.

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Join our group on this platform if you are interested to read or participate in conversations about how we can stimulate better practice in PV.

This group is for:
❖   Existing PV practitioners
❖   People interested in using PV as a tool for positive change
❖   Researchers using PV as a research methodology or studying PV
❖   Researchers interested in learning about PV as a research methodology


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