Our 2016 Network Mapping Meet-Up Challenge is now officially over and we are busy preparing the amazing in-country C4D mapping discussions sent back by network members for our C4D Yearbook.

Thank you so much to all members who took part - either organising or attending a meet-up or sending back feedback through our survey.

If you're a new member and missed the 2016 challenge we hope this one-stop shop dashboard gives you a flavour of events!

For any further questions please contact us via admin@c4d.org 

Network Challenge Mapping Results

By the end of the Network Challenge, our members will have met in nearly 20 countries all over the globe - from Australia to Zimbabwe!

Our aim has been to 'map' how communications for development is implemented in each country by asking Network members and C4D experts who attend the meet-ups a series of questions about the extent and implementation of C4D in their countries.

We have received a multitude of fascinating audio recordings and written reports of the discussions. You can find them on our 'Mapping Audio' page (here), and they will soon be posted on each Country Chapter page alongside the written transcripts.

There's still time to get involved, so please get in touch at admin@c4d.org to organise a meet-up in your country and add your voice to the Network Mapping Project!

Our 2016 Network Challenge got off to a flying start in Uganda with a great mapping discussion!

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Network meet-up organisers we held meet-ups far and wide, including: 

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Network Challenge: We're halfway there!

We've spent the past month and a half organising meet-ups in 11 different countries and regions from around the world and, with at least seven more in the pipeline, this years Network Meet-Up Challenge promises to be one of our most widespread and dynamic yet!

We've spent the time gathering discussions conducted by experts in each country about the extent and implementation of communications for development in each of the host countries and regions. Results are being posted as we…

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Dashboard Assistance

Hi, we now have this nice dashboard with much of the relevant information - to make it smoother for members to volunteer and run a Network Challenge meet-up. 

We have audio from the first few Challenge meet-ups to inspire. (We will edit them at some stage - any volunteers please contact us at admin@c4d.org, as we want to transcribe and edit and put hte relevant country insights into the right country chapter mapping bit and this onto the country chapter page,…

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