Participatory Video for Advocacy: Inspiring journeys from videos to concrete impacts

Join youth campaigners in Nepal and a video correspondent from VideoVolunteers in India to hear how they directed their campaigns from video products to inspiring impacts

How to fit a PV process in a wider advocacy programme or campaign ? What steps to take after video production ? How can video dissemination contribute to concrete change ?

Click here to read a reflective blog post about the gathering

Here is a recording of the entire web gathering, however if you would like to watch individual presentations please follow the links on the right of this page.

The web gathering featured the following presentations:


VideoVolunteers (VV) is a media and human rights NGO that grows and changes with the media and social change space in India. Their teams equip women and men in underdeveloped areas with video journalism skills, enabling them to expose underreported stories from their communities and take action to right the wrongs of poverty, injustice and inequality. We are excited that a staff member, Anand Pagareand a community correspondent, Sarita Biswalfrom this pioneering organisation will join us during our final field trip to share their learning about what steps to take after a video is finished to achieve concrete impacts. Click here to watch a video made by Anand and click here to watch a video made by Sarita.


In January 2014, 12 youth campaigners of Oxfam GB's 'My Rights, My Voice' programme in Nepal participated in PV workshop facilitated by InsightShare and produce three powerful films on community health care issues. During this web gathering the youth and a programme staff member of Oxfam Nepal will tell their story of how, over the past year, they screened their films to community members and decision- makers at local and district levels and talk about how this dissemination process contributed to important results such as securing funding for solar panels for local health posts. Click here to watch a compilation of the three films.


During the discussion session the audience was invited to delve deeper into the case studies presented. Click here to watch the Q&A session. Click here to continue the discussions on the C4D platform.

Follow the links on the right of this page to download the presentation slides.

The web gathering was hosted by Soledad Muniz.

The organisers would like to extend their gratitude and sincere appreciation to Anand Pagare, Sarita Biswal and Kayonaaz Kalyanwala of VideoVolunteers, Imogen Davies (Oxfam GB) and Renu Shakya (translator) for their time and effort to join this unique session and to guide us through her personal learning.

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VideoVolunteers India

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'My Rights, My Voice'

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