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    Dear Colleagues working in Nigeria,
    Please how well can we proceed with implementing development issues and monitor how the current government of Nigeria provide services and solutions to ALL Nigerians and ALL who are legal residents in Nigeria despite political party's affiliation, religious or ethnic affiliation.
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    Hi All,
    Does anyone know of any Development Communication or Development based organizations in Nigeria with vast experience in training of journalists in the area of health and nutrition? Thanks.
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      Devcomms in Lagos does that I believe and Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Program Nigeria in Abuja holds an annual Leadership in Strategic Health Communication certificate course which runs for two weeks and supported by the faculty from Baltimore.
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      Dear Funmi, I think you should check in with organisations that have partnership with EU, DFID, they seem to offer regular trainings of journalist. Hope this information helps
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      I wonder if you have found anything yet, but I came across in my search for Development Communication training programs in Nigeria. They organise an annual training in health communication, I however cannot say if their program will be exactly what you are looking for, but it may be worth looking.
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      ccpn's programme is quite good.Health communication courses on usaid global health learning hub is also good
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