C4D Focus/Experience

I have worked in communications for development for over five years, and external communications for development and Fairtrade organisations for twenty years. I have an MSc in Communications for Development, (pass with distinction), from Reading University. I have provided technical support to southern-based child-labour eradication NGOs, training them in advocacy strategy development, analysing their strengths and opportunities, and supporting them to implement their own advocacy strategies. I currently work part-time for a research consortium called 'Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia'. My role is to lead the development and implementation of the research uptake strategy, and help build research uptake capacity amongst our South Asian partners.


I have been involved in C4D through my work for International HIV/AIDS Alliance (Caribbean and Malawi), UNICEF (UK and Uzbekistan) and Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco (Africa and Asia). Currently supporting CSOs in South Asia in C4D. My thematic focus is HIV and AIDS, undernutrition and child rights.

Length of C4D Experience

5-10 years working experience




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  • Thanks Julia - I look forward to receiving the description 



  • Hi Julia

    That sounds like a plan. Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best


  • Hi Julia

    I'd be very interested in this opportunity. I have over 25 years experience designing and facilitating film training workshops. 15 years in Ethiopia with Gem TV. They won the 2012 One World Media Special Award. (it would be great if they could be part of the project), working on films for social change I have also worked in Zambia teaching digital story production. Would be really good to talk to you about the project.

    All best wishes


  • Hi Julia

    I'd be interested in this, perhaps in collaboration with a Sierra Leone based production house. Would you like to have a brief chat?



  • Hi Julia - would love to chat more about the video training in October 2015 in Zambia - Video and photography training is one of my core business activities - please see http://inspireevery1productions.com/ http://inspireevery1produ... and http://inspireevery1productions.com/workshops-participatory-media-a... - you can contact me on inspireevery1@bigpond.com to find out more information - love to chat more -

    kindest regards


  • Hi Julia - well, sort of! I'm 'flesibly retired' from yesterday; working 3 days a week - PhD students and research projects but no lecturing; with a view to retiring completely around end of 2013. thanks for your good wished.



  • Thanks Julia. Recommend to consider Bario in your future travel itineraries. You won't regret it!


  • Hi Julia,

    thanks for your message. I remember that after the end of my MSc Sarah asked me if she could use my essay as en example... It's nice that she's doing it and I am glad you have found it interesting! I hope you're enjoying the C4D master at Reading as much as I have. I was at Sussex Uni a few years back.

    All the best to you too,


  • Nice jolly picture thanks!
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