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I work in academia and conduct research on the application of Communication for Development in Peacebuilding, with a focus on post-civil conflict realities. I explore and evaluate new communication for development approaches that employ different media and communication channels to contribute to social change and sustainable peace in the aftermath of civil violence. I also look at the application of communication for development for citizen engagement and youth participation in governance and peacebuilding. I collaborate with UNICEF and other NGOs on different projects related to Communication for Development and Peace. My PhD has looked the ways in which participatory media can be used as story-telling tools to share experiences of war among hostile communities in the aftermath of a civil war, and how sharing stories through the media can facilitate healing and reconciliation. As part of my doctorate project, I worked on the evaluation of two participatory media activities implemented in Kenya in the aftermath of the 2007/2008 Post-Election Violence. I assessed the impact of these projects in relation to ethnic reconciliation between and among communities in specific areas of the Rift Valley, where I spent three months interviewing both victims and perpetrators of the 2007/2008 conflict who have been in contact with these media productions. I collaborated with the international NGO Mercy Corps. More generally, I am also interested in looking at the different ways communication can be used in development contexts (particularly in post-conflict settings), as well as in studying the impact / reaction that communities living in extreme poverty have when introduced to the use of the media. I have worked for international NGOs, government departments and the United Nations, both in Head Offices and in Country Offices in African settings. All my research work can be accessed here: https://unsw.academia.edu/ValentinaBaú


I am a Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and teach on Media Studies courses, both at the undergraduate and masters level. I give guest-lectures on topics related to the role of Communication in Development. I facilitate Participatory Media projects both in Australia and overseas.

Length of C4D Experience

5-10 years working experience




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  • Hi Val - pls see osceania regional group
  • Hi Valentina

    Good to hear from you. Where are you based these days?


  • Hello Valentina, good to hear from you - didn't know you had gone to Australia although I suppose lots can happen in three or four years! Saw Kitty recently, who told me about this network. I'm working as a freelance at the moment - still in touch with Mark C and Anna from Panos.


  • Hi Valentina,

    Sounds interesting. I didn't know there was much PV work taking place in Sydney. Which organisation are you working with? Do you find it meets the community's needs? What are the videos focused on? Exciting stuff! :)


  • Hi Valentina,

    I'd love to hear more about your participatory media work with Aboriginal people in Sydney. I worked with SBS Living Black as a Video Journalist back in 2007 - an incredible experience.



  • Hi Valentina. How are things going in Australia? Glad you are able to do some teaching and practical media work as well as your PhD research.
  • Yes I am really enjoying the C4D MSc. I think the quality of lecturers is very high. Very good example of excellent communication.  The mix of techniques and commitment from lecturers against a backdrop of cuts to further education, is very impressive.  Very best
  • Hi Valentina Did you know that Sarah Cardey uses your article about gender and communication as a very good example of an essay. I am taking the MSc Communications for Innovation and Devolpment course and enjoyed reading your excellent article!

    Very best Julia

  • Glad you signed in! Are you already in Sydney? xx
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